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HX-compatibel means: All HX-receivers, motion detectors, and transmitters can be connected and extended with each other.


  • easy installation
  • no necessity on an electrician
  • wireless signal transmission by radio
  • all devices can be synchronized with each other by CSS-radio choice comfortably


  • as a door chime
  • as a motion control
  • as paging e.g. for home care
  • as an extension of an existing bell system

Basic technical configurations

  • 8 melodies
  • 256 frequencies (with coding Switch to avoid radio overlapping with other devices)
  • radio frequency 433.92 MHz
  • weatherproofed transmitter according to IP 44 or jet water proofed transmitter according to IP 55
  • transmitter includes batteries
  • range 100, 150 or 200m (free-field measurement)
  • LED-based function lamps and signal lights (e.g. flashlight) for a better persistence and energy efficiency

Wheather with flashlight and extra loud alarm, with additional night light function or with plug socket connection - the wireless chime series HX offers many useful, additional functions for different applications.

For music lover

Now in new design: load your favorite song from your PC on to the HX MP3 - with the included download programme up to eight songs can be installed and cut up to eight minutes length.


Ideal for home care

Extra loud and equiped with the handy imergency transmitter HX Mini including mounting cord, the HX GUARDIAN offers useful help for high-maintenance people.

The "Pet chime"

HX PET is the ideal wireless chime solution for returning out-door cats - or even for docs, who wants to get back into the house after a stay in the yard. The special on pets edited scope cares for a signal as soon as the darling appears e.g. at the window or yard door.  


Wireless, flexible and variable extendable.

The HEIDEMANN® series HX offers a variety of applications and opportunities for Extension: as an additional chime for a side entrances or the granny-flat, as a motion detector, for window and door control, as a flexible device in the backyard and the crafts room, or as an extension of an existing bell system.

Every basic wireless chime set includes a bell push button as a transmitter and a chime as a receiver. In the new generation of devices, a maximum of four Transmitters and a random number of receivers can be connected with each other.